Are you the exception... or the rule?

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  • Люблю. Жду. Лена

  • He's Just Not That Into You

    Remember that really cute girl/guy who said they'd call – and didn't? Maybe they lost your number. Maybe they're in the hospital. Maybe they're awed by your looks, brains or success. Or maybe... They're just not that into you.

  • Pygmalion

    A self-proclaimed ex-romantic describes her dream man.

  • Status

    After being dumped on his birthday by his long-time girlfriend, Bud is forced to start dating again.

  • Christian Mingle

    A young, modern single woman enters the world of online dating looking for an instant soul mate.

  • Beauty & the Briefcase

    A freelance writer looking for romance sells a story to Cosmopolitan magazine about finding love in the workplace and goes undercover at a Finance Company.